Science fiction, fantasy och allmäna nörderier – sedan 2007

Ihopkrattat junk 2008-10-18

  • Drinking tea, recycling old twitters, burning chrome. #
  • Woha. 1/5 to Cloverfield? http://yasylum.se/?p=1364 But it’s so monsterous! #
  • Backing up my blog (http://www.piruett.se). First time in a year. I’m like a blind crazy person — only with a blog. #
  • updating wordpress. meh #
  • Today I am Iron Man. Almost. At work. #
  • Books I want to read: What would Jesus read. Living next door to the god of loaves. No country for old spice. Prawn of prophecy. #
  • Is it possible to buy books … on microfiche? #

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